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Is that thread still alive?

As developer I'm also *very* interested in such a thing.

And additionally, to help the Amiga Game Development rise again there is another thing I thought about: Especially in the Amiga scene a lot of technical information about coding is spread over the whole net and hidden in places where noone can find them.

A lot of stuff is still in articles, diskmags and especially in threads on boards like ADA, EAB, A1K etc. You can also find a lot on Aminet, guys like Photon also create some tutorials for e.g. coding the Copper but there is nothing which is well-structured. There might be a Wiki about Amiga API coding but that's mostly not what you are searching for when making games.

So I also thought about making something like a Knowledge Base where these information can be stored plus *related* books, articles and maybe some resources with fonts and graphics. Imho the Amiga is a very complex platform so I'm very happy more developers are still interested in coding games for it again.

For myself I started on a lot of stuff, coded a lot of effects but never released something for the Amiga except a small intro. I made a lot of stuff for AGA machines. But mostly effects. Games are harder to make and you need way more planning, organization and collaborations.
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