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Originally Posted by utri007 View Post
Sandro: There is a problem, wich one you tried? Netsurf_os3 or netsurf-m68k?

First one is based of original netsurf source tree, original netsurf desktop engine. Latter one is based SDL/Framebuffer wich is meant to be used no gui systems and debugging.

Chris' Netsurf has been very stable here, only way to made it crash is using tabs, wich has some not fixed problems.

What you mean version 3.0? There is no such a thing, or hasn't been for years.

I tried the file named netsurf_os3.lha who was on aminet a few days ago it says is 3.5 beta
such release is total crap

the release I have installed since long time ago and I'm using is netsurf 3.0 Git r1018 port by Artur Jarosik: this one works very well
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