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Sandro: There is a problem, wich one you tried? Netsurf_os3 or netsurf-m68k?

First one is based of original netsurf source tree, original netsurf desktop engine. Latter one is based SDL/Framebuffer wich is meant to be used no gui systems and debugging.

I fear that any problems their port has may cause fingers to be unfairly pointed at us, giving us a bad name unduly and possibly increasing support load.
For them to change the name of the browser to something other than NetSurf, and for them to state clearly in their documentation and help that it is completely unsupported by and unrelated to the NetSurf Project.
Chris' Netsurf has been very stable here, only way to made it crash is using tabs, wich has some not fixed problems.

What you mean version 3.0? There is no such a thing, or hasn't been for years.

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