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Originally Posted by groundplayer View Post
Is there any way to disable liveupdater diskspace check after first reboot (from script), cause i use Amikit inside folder (sys is assigned in ss to folder), and it does not seem to allow update, altough i have more than 1GB diskspace in boot partition ? Or should i add my assign inside update script ?

Thanks again for wonderfull release and your hard work !
The update script checks for the free space in SYS: and also installs the files there. You can download the update and before rebooting edit the AmiKit_UpdateScript860 inside the AmiKit:Expansion drawer. Make the assign at the beginning of the script and try.

Originally Posted by Amicol View Post
I'm going to have to give this another try on my Apollo1260 setup, looks great!
The hours that Retrofan must have put into this must be phenomenal!!
Yep, many hours. Thanks both for trying it

Edit: Another tip is that Magellan gives different options for the Wallpaper. If you make a left-right click on screen, Settings, Environment, Background, at the left of Desktop you can change with "Display" how the image will be shown: Center, Tile or Stretch. Better is to use Tile, and you won't have problems with the image in AmiDock, but you sometimes can use also Stretch:

And a good tip is to do what commented (left-right click on screen, Settings, Environment, Background, Desktop, and then where there is a field to put the "File", delete the existing name there and save the preferences with that field empty. So now everytime you reboot it will use a different wallpaper . Remember to select the right drawer in the field above, you can select for example an 800x600 drawer or the 800x600 drawer inside "256 Colors" or the 800x600 inside RTG.

Move AmiDock of course to WBStartup/disabled.

You can combine this random Wallpaper with a random booting picture. Open MorpheuZ and go to Preferences, Booting Display, select Rainboot and chose the "Random" option . As you know, the booting sounds already play randomly, so this way everything is random in every booting .

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