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Originally Posted by wizard View Post
If it's a 1:1 copy - or really close to - of a commercial font then it's most likely copyright infringement.
This is what I only partly understand: there's fonts / fonts families that are almost identical from foundry to foundry, where it's clearly stated that one is derivative of the other, and in case of pixel fonts, Topaz again, for instance, there's this page:
where the site owner assigns the copyright of the derivative font to himself, only for FON format.

Is this a matter of how the glyph curves are made, where an invisible difference to the eye in the pixel format is instead there in the actual cuves that create the font?

Or another one, Apple's Chicago as confronted with ingoFonts Chiq, the font face is pretty much the same, only two letters are different that I can see.
I'm sure that the glyphs will vary much, but for pixelfonts, at small sizes, how do you set the bar for those differences to be of import?
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