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Nice. The skin/buttons that AmiModRadio has as default are for 256 colors. If you use more or less colors you can use the Preferences of the program or also MorpheuZ, Preferences, AmiModRadio and change the look, or also you can go to Utilities/AmiModRadio and click on the RandomSkin script. Remember to read the Readme first and don't forget to add the mui.key to S.

The Skins that AmigaAMP or AMPlifier use as default only use 16 colors. If you use more colors change the preferences with a left - right click on the top of the skin.

Also if you use it on WinUAE and you've got the Picasso rom, don't be scared to try "Better Config" in Tools and select a RTG setup, later you can return to an AGA setup using Better Config again.

Edit: I've seen a lot of threads searching and asking about where to listen to mods. Specially AndyHants inspired the idea. Now with AKReal you've got AmiModRadio, but also five radio channels streaming the best mods. Just click on the AmiKit logo on the left of the tittle bar, select "Radio" and open the "Mods/Old Skool" folder, you'll be amazed. BTW "ModFM" is the streaming of "", they told me to use this name and icon.

I've edited the post to include an example of WinUAE config.

Another tip: When you try a 256 colors wallpaper (they are in AmiKit:Prefs/Presets/Backdrops/256 Colors) and that with Magellan is a left-then-right click on screen, Setttings, Environment, Background, Desktop, then maybe it will look bad (surely something about the pens used). Reboot and it will look right. This screenshot for example is using 256 colors, not RTG. (AmigaBoxBlue2.iff):

Note: The wallpaper is from Michael Englyst, the FullPalette prefs are from Peter Keunecke and the remapping has been done using the "Retro Image Tool" by Sascha Springer.

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