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Originally Posted by Amigajay View Post
Don't forget its a purpose built machine, not made in the millions to make billions, the profit margins are not existent in comparison, its a machine made because they want it, for me under £400 is a decent price for what you get, and it can do alot more than a smartphone and tablet could do, but with a full compliment of controls and keyboard as well and full size SD card slots for cheaper storage.

I did own the Pandora when it first came out and i will prob pick one of these up when they are in production.
I do agree that it is not targetted to sell millions and is not backed up by a multimillion corprate entity.
Whether it can do much more than a smartphone/tablet is really debatable and subject to personal points of views.

Anyway, the first iteration of the Pandora was truly a novel device in the time it first appeared. Sadly it was badly managed.

What I still like about the Pandora though, despite its cost and features is its form factor. I really like that.

And I understand that people wish to support Indi hardware developers and their projects. Variety is always a good thing.
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