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Hi, can anyone find or create trained versions of the following Amiga games please?! What I nead is stated in the brackets to do unemultaed longplays of them.

WICKED by Electric Dreams (a stage skip button just to see ending of game if there is one,...infy lives not helpful enough, I keep dying on the last 2 zodiac signs).

R-TYPE (Invincible trainer).

DOUBLE DRAGON II - (Infy lives on game version 4.01 please), The "Oracle" trained version only worked on older "ocs" Amiga's (game version 3.84), it was re-released by Richard Aplin to work on all Amiga's to correct the graphic problem with first version released (now called version 4.01) but no crack group trained it and it only has 1 extra credit (also released on the budget label "16 Blitz Tronix").
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