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i agree, evildragon is a great individual. since he is handling the pyra, things should go smoothly. man i almost forgot about the icp2 fiasco. the pyra does look tasty, but i really never got the use versus cost with my pandora.

i will keep my pandora in my collection, its still a good looking and handy device.

as you mentioned, thank goodness craig doesnt have his hands in the pyra, that should help the pyra. i think craig just sucked extra money out of us that were with the pandora from the start cause he knew we were chomping at the bit to get our units.

Originally Posted by Adrian Browne View Post
Yes, I had a lot of fun with my pandoras but eventually I sold them on. The pyra will replace my pandoras.

Thankfully Craig is gone.
I almost lost 600 dollars on the icp2 kickstarter campaign, however Evildragon and Link stepped up and offered me a voucher for a pyra, minus kickstarters 10 per cent I have a pyra secured.

It's this sort of thing that makes me willing to pay for a pyra, Evildragon is trustworthy.
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