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Originally Posted by Anubis View Post
I tried both demos on my standard setup (A1200 2MB Chip + 16MB Zorro III ram, Classic WB Full) and both demos worked without any issues all the way to the end. (First one rolls credits at the end, Complex does not have exit button/escape does not work)

There is no need to mess with configuration for each demo separately.
On my old A1200-030 config, I always had an issue with Stealth Ranger with glitching on, say, the spinning Skoda scene, but with my new config, the animation displays perfectly.

As for Pee Wee, the situation got really bad yesterday with it refusing to run at all that I thought the original .exe had become corrupt. But I solved it in the end, again with the new config.

Another demo I've had problems with ( is also properly working now with this config. Previously, this demo gave me endless headaches trying to get it running right through to the end, especially with the length of it (+12 minutes!).
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