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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
No differences whatsoever. Strange. And there is nothing interesting between b24 and b25.
Too bad!

Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
Does anything happen if you change Display panel buffering mode or refresh rate?
Doesn't happen anything when I change any of that two options.

But there is an "interesting" thing which maybe is related, I think: when I enable Low Latency VSync with 50 Hz on my LCD TV (I have tried on a window on desktop only) the CPU meter stay low and the FPS meter stay always at 49/50 Hz, and I get a very good performance for playing games or hear MOD music while I browse the internet, which before was not possible with JIT turned on.

I say "interesting", because Low Latency VSync (specially) should add a very big overhead to the CPU, but this time it fixes something. I have seen this thing hapenning many times on my computers running WinUAE.

Like I said previously, I have two computers, from two different brands (one national and the other is multinational), and the only similarity between the two is the speed, 2.5 GHz for a 32 bit desktop and 1.5 Ghz for my 64 bit notebook. (I hope you guys understand why I compare the speed of the two, please doesnt take too severily)

I think that other users doesnt seems to notice the "hickups" that happen with the CPU/FPS meter when JIT is enabled on b25+, because many users on this forum seems to use i7 CPUs with 3 GHz, and so I think it goes completely unnoticed because your WinUAE meters changes much faster than on my computer (even if it is happening anyway).

But what we can consider if we look the Low Latency VSync fact, and add another fact that without JIT my computers can emulate the 68k CPU with enjoyable speed using a CPU interpreter, and that WinUAE is able manage the CPU processor speed eficiently between the CPU emulator and the chipset emulator, running everything in sync?

Thinking that way, the WinUAE performance could be improved of course, I dont say this only for me, but for many users of more powerful computers that could benefit from this change, too, from one way or another.

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