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AKReal 8.6 live update released!

We are happy to announce the release of the new update of AKReal – the unofficial conversion of AmiKit for real Amiga machines.

This on-line update is delivered to your AKReal installation via its Live Update feature. Simply boot your AKReal and the new update will be found automatically. Just confirm and install. This update needs a booting partition with at least a size of 950Mb.

Full installation archive is available for free from

AKReal 8.6 by Retrofan (April - 2016).

- ADDED: ShowAmiga96 v2.3c booting picture program by Heiko Mueller for the RTG setups with Picasso.
- ADDED: "Modules/Old Skool" folder to the "Radio" option of the Start Menus of Magellan with some radio streams; CVGM, Kohina, ModFM, Nectarine and Slay Radio.
- ADDED: Delitracker II V2.34 by Peter Kunath and Frank Riffel.
- ADDED: AmiModRadio v0.98 by @Tygre.
- ADDED: RandomSkin script for AmiModRadio by Retrofan. Use it only with MUI4.
- ADDED: New modded BarryB's preferences based in Bimarcao's config for the Indivision AGA MKII available with MorpheuZ.
- ADDED: MorpheuZ now including new Booting Display option ShowAmiga96, added "AmiKit 8" theme and new AmiModRadio option with a set of the best MUI configurations and Skins for MUI4.
- ADDED: New option "IconEdit" with "Open With" when you right click on an icon info.
- ADDED: KalaK skin in diferent versions by Jan Jensen, to be used with AmigaAMP or AMPlifier.
- ADDED: Four more booting sounds. Music by DJNick and new voices by Luis Miguel Herrero and Elenita McLane.
- FIXED: Icons with RTG and AfAOS.
- FIXED: AmiStart for AfAOS.
- FIXED: Kiss Radio Stream.
- FIXED: Aminet icon tool.
- FIXED: Scalos prefs with MUI4.
- FIXED: MUI preferences in some programs using RTG.
- UPDATED: A huge amount of images have been changed to be remapped using the Retro Image Tool.
- UPDATED: WHDLoad v18.2. No more keys needed, no need to register. Many thanks to Bert Jahn.
- UPDATED: PicShow v.1.31.457 by Thomas Rapp.
- UPDATED: MUI4 20.6511 and added FlushMUI to C:
- UPDATED: ScreenText by Thomas Rapp, January 2015.
- UPDATED: Icon Library 46.4.426 for 020 by Peter Keunecke.
- UPDATED: All of the Star Menus for Magellan including the new radio streams and the new programs.
- UPDATED: AmiStart menus adding the new programs.
- UPDATED: iGame update from 2015/11/07 by Emmanuel Vasilakis.
- UPDATED: "AmiKit LOGO" now also detects and changes when using 256 colors for a better remapped look.
- CHANGED: "Better Config" with new options and now it changes ShapeShifter prefs if you select to use RTG, now using a Picasso monitor with 256 colors.
- CHANGED: FBlit and FText disabled for RTG in the Startup-Sequence.
- CHANGED: WB2000 MUI preferences and added new programs: DeliTracker and AmiModRadio.
- CHANGED: Patterns and prefs for ReqAttack when using RTG or AfA.
- CHANGED: AmiNetRadio prefs.
- CHANGED: IBrowse MUI settings and a new configuration with MorpheuZ: BlueStone2 using different fonts.
- CHANGED: Scalos prefs. Font and windows pattern.
- CHANGED: User-Startup will add a line for AmiModRadio to your existing one.
- DELETED: Indivision MKII Configs in Tools. Use MorpheuZ to install them.
- DELETED: "Workbench" wallpaper.

The update adds some new programs like AmiModRadio or DeliTracker II. Both programs have also been included in several docks.

For AmiModRadio (in Utilitites) you better include (if you hadn't) the mui.key in S. I've included also in the drawer an icon-script called "RandomSkin" that lets you boot using different skins everytime you start it. It also will use images with the right amount of colors depending on what amount you are actually using. You can also use MorpheuZ to select among different AmiModRadio configurations of skins/buttons.

DeliTracker II will use a different scope depending if you are using AGA or RTG.

There is a new folder in "Radios" in the Start Menu (right click on the AmiKit logo in the top bar) called "Mods/Old Skool", where you can now listen to that. Also new skins by Jan Jensen for AmigaAMP or AMPlifier have been added.

A lot of images and wallpapers have been remapped using the "Retro Image Tool" program, so now they will look better.


Q- What happens if I'm using Mattahan icons and I update to 8.6, do I have to install it all again?
A- The installer detects if you are using them and then it just changes the new ones so you keep having all of them installed plus some new ones of the update converted to use your icons or new ones.

Q- It seems you have a lot of work over your shoulders. Do you have any place to donate?
A- Thanks for supporting the effort. Yep, there is a place to support this conversion at


Many thanks to Paul Kitching for letting to use one of his drawings for the main Skin used in AmiModRadio and also to Thomas Koch ( for three skins of him that are included in AmiModRadio. Thanks also to Peter Keunecke for his improved Icon.library, Thore Böckelmann for his help with MUI4, Thomas Rapp, Sascha Springer for his great Retro Image Tool online program, also to Bernd Roesch, Thomas Klein and Darius Brewka for his help to make run right AmiStart with AfAOS. Of course to @Tygre for his great AmiModRadio program and also to James Stalham for some help and nice icons and images. Finally thanks a lot to Jan Jensen for his marvellous KalaK skin and to Luis Miguel Herrero (Constelación Commodore) and Elenita McLane for the voices for the booting sounds.

Have Fun !!

AKReal is free, but you can contribute with whatever amount you feel it is worth.

I've attached an example of WinUAE configuration. You should change the paths to use it. Basically it's an 030 JIT enabled, ram enough as UAE... and a Picasso IV Zorro III if you want to use RTG and you've got the Picasso IV rom file.

Screenshots attached.

Daily updated:
Total Donations (since releasing the update): ... 0

1, 2, 3, 4, 5 €, any donations mean to me an interest -a truly one, just like love-, just because you take your time and your money (sacred things) to make it. It's not the money at all, it's your interest that keeps this project alive. I hope you understand: if I could get 5 1€ donations I would be Very happy.

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