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Originally Posted by gulliver View Post
Any Apple device is surely more expensive in any segment. I guess you hand picked the worst cost-performance ratio brand in the world. And Samsung is better, but not really much better.

There is a huge lot of different asian smartphones which either match or outperform the ones you mentioned, which are A LOT cheaper.

And then you have high-end tablets, and there is even all these plethora of projects with funky names that carry an Arm motherboard with similar or even better specs.

Furthermore, you still have the traditional handheld console brands with better offerings.
Don't forget its a purpose built machine, not made in the millions to make billions, the profit margins are not existent in comparison, its a machine made because they want it, for me under 400 is a decent price for what you get, and it can do alot more than a smartphone and tablet could do, but with a full compliment of controls and keyboard as well and full size SD card slots for cheaper storage.

I did own the Pandora when it first came out and i will prob pick one of these up when they are in production.
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