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Originally Posted by kneehighspy View Post
i got tangled up in the original pandora fiasco, got a first run unit but it took me over two years and an exta $300 to get it from craig, before evildragon took over things.

i still have my original pandora, i am gonna skip the pyra. i paid over $500 for my pandora, so i am sitting this one out. i will spend my extra $ on my Amiga 3000 or 1000.

these projects that take 2 or more years to finally get (my pandora or my colecovision super game module) are eating my precious time i have left

Yes, I had a lot of fun with my pandoras but eventually I sold them on. The pyra will replace my pandoras.

Thankfully Craig is gone.
I almost lost 600 dollars on the icp2 kickstarter campaign, however Evildragon and Link stepped up and offered me a voucher for a pyra, minus kickstarters 10 per cent I have a pyra secured.

It's this sort of thing that makes me willing to pay for a pyra, Evildragon is trustworthy.
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