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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
The point is that it rarely (if ever) is common issue. 29b25 has no JIT changes, so my crystal ball guess is: you have 68030 CPU with more compatible which does more accurate stuff. Try some other CPU and/or switch off more compatible.
No, its not true, when I use an 68020 CPU with JIT and turn off "more compatible" on b25, the CPU and FPS meters shows uncommon high usage. Why uncommon? I explain why.

I use a 68040 CPU but speed never has been a concern when JIT is turned off, and in fact with this setting the CPU and FPS speeds are steady and very fast. And I am speaking of every WinUAE version. Its very fast.

So speed is not a concern, because my laptop can handle the worse of the tasks which is emulating the chipset and the 68040 with an interpreter. And in cases like this, the JIT should alleviate the bottleneck of the interpreted CPU emulator and not weight it up.

If b25 doesnt have any JIT changes, I think there is something in b25 that interfere with JIT enabled, because the JIT is giving problems where normally WinUAE hasnt any.
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