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Hey Spidi, I noticed it is now for sale in France (Amedia, see ) but some questions arise:
  • does a combination KS1.3/3.1 work? As I noticed a jumper is available to choose between 2x256KB rom and 2x512KB ROM for the 1M model, but what about a 256KB+512KB rom??).
  • what happens with the original ROM? still available? (e.g. KS2.05 rom + flashed KS1.3+KS3.1)
  • will there be an english version of the flasher tool? My polish isn't that good
  • will future upgrades allow more images to be crammed into 1M flash? (e.g. KS1.2+KS1.3+KS3.1)
  • will there be a ribbon cable adapter available for those with an A508IDE or a future V500 vampire, as this will certainly block the install of those?

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