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Make sure you install it with its installer,I tried copy it just to my HD without installing it and it didn't work.

I know a lot of people say don't uncompress lha files in windows but I do,I use Winrar and it uncompress the file fine,then you can copy the files over,I use Amiga Explorer to copy files over to my Amiga and it copied X-Bench over OK.

You will need more memory too, to run WHDLoad,and maybe X-Bench.I have 8 mb in mine.

Originally Posted by crabfists View Post

I finally tried out X-bEnCh 0.99 R7 Public Beta Release last night. What a great program. Many thanks to Jim for all his work on this.

I ran into an issue though that I haven't figured out a solution to. If I install to a brand new Workbench partition and run XBench for the first time I see the registration screen and the white Loading screen but then it dumps me back to Workbench with no errors.

Is there anything obvious I am doing wrong? Are there any dependencies on other programs or libs? Maybe I need to have Whdload installed?

I am using an unexpanded A1200 with CF and 3.0 kickstart. I also get the same problem when running from WinUAE.

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