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New version (3.3) available on Aminet - thanks go to many testers and especially to Michael for the installer and the wonderful showboards-icon!

boards.library README 26/Apr/2016


This library decodes manufacturer IDs and product IDs of Amiga autoconfig
hardware. So - in short - it'll show you what stuff there is inside your
machine and who made it. It's supported by other tools which provide
information about your system, like "WhichAmiga" by Harry Sintonen or
Report+ by James Jacobs.

Version information:

This release has been developed and tested on various Amiga hardware, both
real and emulated, but may contain bugs, crash your machine and frighten your

Changes for V3.3:

- boards.library
+ lib now skips custom recognition routines if Draco or Amithlon machine detected
+ introduced ENV-Var (BOARDS_CUSTOMCHECK) setting it to 0 will permanently disable custom detection routines
+ added VillageTronic / PicassoIV module detection (custom detection routine)
+ PicassoIV ECS Flickerfixer
+ PicassoIV AGA Flickerfixer
+ Pablo II video module
+ Picasso IV Video Capture
+ Paloma TV tuner (PAL)
+ added Concierto sound card
+ added IComp ACA500, ACA1221 & ACA1221EC (custom detection routine)
+ added IComp ACA500+
+ added IComp ACA1233n
+ added FPGAArcade (formerly registered as Minimig)
+ added Jochheim Tuning Access 32 Memory expansion
+ added E3B Prisma Megamix
+ E3B ZorRam is now also Bigram+ (same ID)
+ added UAE bootrom I/O
+ added Z3SDRam RAM Expansion by Tim Tashpulatov
+ added dm9k Network Card by Tim Tashpulatov
+ added ZEUS turbocard by KyroFlux Ltd.
+ added Matze's IDE controller by
+ added Minimig expansions by Rok Krajnc
+ added Minimig Z2 FastRAM
+ added Minimig Z3 FastRAM
+ added Minimig Z3 EthernetCard
+ added Minimig Z3 GraphicsCard
+ added Minimig Z3 SoundCard
+ serial rewrite for E3B ICY & Kyroflux ZEUS

- showboards (V2.12)
+ new modes "VERBOSE" and "EXPERT" provide a lot more human/geek-readable information about your boards
+ output exceeding window height is paused until next keypress (N=NOPAUSE to disable)
+ can now be run from Workbench
+ supports most CLI-arguments as tooltypes when launched via icon

- 647 boards (including variants) known
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