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Hi nobody,

Thanks! Graphics are not my strong point so I'm glad you think the new sprite is better.

The game uses a 16 colour palette, technically 32 as the sprites use a duplicate in registers 16-31.

You are correct about the tiles, they are composed of solid black and two other registers that are palette swapped when entering a new room.

This is an aesthetic choice for me. When I'm not programming or trying to remember my way through Turrican 2 (a game I used to know like the back of my hand!) I play either NES games or 8bit arcade games with my stepson. He favours the classics like Donkey Kong & Pacman.

I gather this is not a popular style in the community as it appears to be still very passionate about pushing the Amiga to it's limits. Some people have expressed dismay, others are very pleased both with the look and with the gameplay so I've had a mixed bag of feedback.

All stuff to bear in mind for my next project.
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