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indiana jones and the FoA

as in the subject this prob i noticed in indy, but i think it got out in other lucasarts adventures, just it's a lot i don't try them.

the game is hd installed on a hdf. first i tried to make it run under aiab, that come out with the graphics screwed up, but the game was running, with mouse pointer moving and all, just messed.
then i loaded the wb3.0, and it gets the same problem, just like the bloodwych'Wb

i've made it run fine with a custom wb (i boot the adf and start the game from the hdf).
BUT, and here is the main prob: the mouse pointer act on a zone that is always 1, 1 and a half cm under its position on screen!
is this a problem of display in winuae or a prob of settings inside the emulation?

i attach my config. file
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