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Originally Posted by MickJT View Post
In the expansion thread, I asked about Virtual Mouse Driver support under OS4 and why it always shows both mouse pointers. You mentioned it has to do with hardware sprites vs software sprites. I would have thought that the native-only mode would still work and WinUAE would blank out the mouse on the host side while it's over the WinUAE window (or always if full screen). Can this not be made to work with OS4?
Works for me. I only see one cursor (OS4 cursor) in "Show native cursor only" mode.

Originally Posted by mark_k View Post
The crash happens when booting from the Crash_test_HD_4GB.bin HDF which I uploaded some time ago in relation to some other bug.
I don't have it anymore, I didn't expect it to have any use after the "some other bug" was fixed

EDIT: Found it. It was somewhere else...

EDIT2: Fixed.

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