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Originally Posted by aszu View Post
Hehe, some years ago people were employed full time by the companies and were making games to make money. These people created game in spare time, not being paid for that. What do you expect? Another Chaos Engine or Alien Breed? Get real.
Most of the companies you are talking about consisted of 1-3 people only. Have a look at the real blockbusters, they were made by not even a handful of people. Not talkin about the smaller games which were solo projects very often. Tanks Furry is a commercial game and still for sale. Yeah, it is cheap but else he would not have been able to sell at least one copy.

Aside from that, it does not take an army to create more than a simple shooter. Have a look at the latest amiga releases like Zerosphere, Sqrxz, Moebius Goatlizard etc. All free to play games, all have a much more creative gameplay, all made by a tiny team or single person. So, there is absolutely nothing that TF offers in comparison to these titles.

It is not that I disrespect the programmers work, I just cannot understand the hype about this title which has 1990's public domain standards at best.
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