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Originally posted by th4t1guy
Who owns the rights to all these unreleased games?
Sony does.


Do you think there will ever be a chance that they will ever make it to the shelves, public domain, shareware, or whatever?
Nope. Not without an unbelievable effort on somebody's part. There is probably very little record that they actually even exist. The first battle would be trying to convince somebody in legal that they exist at all. The second would be getting permission to go through thousands of old floppies, presuming that they haven't already been binned. The third would be to go through the floppies. The fourth would be getting permission to do anything with them, even if you found them.

As to unreleased stuff, finished (or very nearly finished) stuff I can think of right now: Indigo (Amiga/ST), No Escape (MegaCD), MegaApocalypse2 (SNES), Bill's Tomato Game(SNES/Megadrive), Hired Guns (PC), Ridge Racer (PC). There were probably more, those are just the ones I remember from the Liverpool office.
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