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Originally Posted by matthey View Post
No. There are a few differences which can cause compatibility problems.
Are there any? I know that the Kickstart (The A600 came with 2.x?) can cause some issues but that would be the same for 2.x on an A500.. I wasn't aware of any issues related to the A600 itself.. except for...
Originally Posted by matthey View Post
Also, some games require the numeric keypad.
..this.. However the trade-off of the few games you needed a keypad for against a much less expensive hard disk would have been worth it...
If the A600 didn't cost more than the A500 at the time..
Now, yes, you'd be willing to pay more, but for....
Originally Posted by matthey View Post
The 1200 always seemed like a better value to me with AGA and a numeric keypad. The 600 was an attempt to make a C64 version of the Amiga but C= didn't reduce the price enough below the 1200.
...this... ;-)
If you're going to spend a bit more, you spend just a bit more and get an A1200..
I do wonder if there were ever any A600's shipped to the US, other than maybe some special orders or something...

Were there shops in the US that had A600's?
I don't remember seeing them.. I saw the 1200's (and got one), but not the 600.. I know the 600 was in Canada, so some would have made it down. And combine that with some special orders..
But was it ever shipped to retailers/computer stores as a US product??

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