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Free game, Cosmic Ambush 20 years

Just realized its 20 years since my old gang released a game for DOS (Hobby project, released for free in 1996).
Yes its a PC game, but the Amiga connection is that I did all the graphics for it on my A1200 back then. I didn't even have a PC when we released the game so I couldn't play it at home ;-)
All graphics were done in Deluxe Paint IV / V and Imagine 3D (for rendered backgrounds, logos and some enemy ships).
Backgrounds are static and use a 128 color palette for each screen + a fixed 128 color palette for all other stuff (player ship, enemies, explosions, bullets, HUD)

Don't know if DOSbox runs fast enough to be run on an Amiga these days (Vampie?) but in any case, to run it on a modern PC you need to run it through DOSbox. On Win10 at least I can run it with working sound.

Download here:

Enjoy (hopefully ;-)
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