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I do apolagise as this seems to have been asked alot in the past, i have tried all the other solutions suggested.
i can't seen to get x-bench to launch at boot. i have replaced C:LoadWB with

cd DH0:Workbench/Xbench
execute xbench.exe


cd Workbench/Xbench
execute xbench.exe


both prior combinantions with the latter being
execute XbEnCH.exe

each time it fails upon startup... Can't open "xbench.exe" object not found

working perfectly fine from within os3.9 if i just click the exe, but the whole point of installing this was so it could be bootable as a tidy frontend. any ideas on why im failing so hard at this? (everything is at the latest version)
CF drive is partition 3 ways DH0/1/2 and they have been renamed to 0=Workbench 1=Games 2=Work.

Any help will be muchly appreciated !
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