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So it's a RasPI.

Update 20th April 2016
We’ve had so many requests for the gory technical details, that we just couldn’t refuse to send out an update!
At the core of THE 64 is a low cost, high power ARM Cortex SoC, which provides all the modern interfaces demanded by today’s consumers. This has clear advantages for the consumer. Creating a software/hardware hybrid machine allows THE 64 to be both affordable and flexible, and delivers a product that can expand to meet users future needs. A pure hardware implementation, on the other hand, fixes the specification at design time, and we feel that this is too limiting a solution and a substantial risk. Gate arrays are too costly to give an economic solution.
We are huge fans of the Commodore 64, and our dream is to make THE 64 affordable and attractive to all users, new and old. The 64 will be available again for the first time in 25 years. We are committed to the 64 and open source community, and will be releasing as much as we can as open source to empower the community to help steer the future direction of THE 64. You just can’t beat passion!
When we created the C64DTV we faced similar challenges. Creating Commodore hardware that will accurately run the BIOS and software is a challenge, whether that’s a custom ASIC or an off the shelf programmable FPGA, it requires a considerable amount of time, effort and resources. And we learned from that. We can improve on the limited expandability of the C64DTV!
We’re doing other things around THE 64 in addition to launching a new set of machines, such as licensing some of the best C64 programming books ever created. These will come out in both paperback and eBook formats. We are creating matching joysticks, cartridge converters to allow old original C64 cartridges to work with the new machine, potentially original joystick converters if the demand is there, and so on. We want to create the perfect experience for old and new fans alike.
That’s without some of the classic and specially commissioned all-new games we will be releasing for THE 64 consoles. Finally, we are planning a video interview between Darren Melbourne and gaming legend Jon Hare talking about THE 64 in the coming weeks. Watch this space!
Thanks from THE 64 team!
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