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Originally posted by FromWithin

In fact, you said "YM2149 delivered its job really well." It's job was to provide audio for a home computer, a job which it did not exactly impress with.
I said: "It was the whole ST architecture that lacked, not the sound chip." Jeez, why do people always pick up other things when they want to win an argument? BTW, you forgot to add the word "I" when you say not impressed with (you express a personal opinion, let's not forget....

Immediacy of the GEM screen appearing was a good thing, but it sacrificed a huge amount of flexibility. WB was not at all unusable from floppies. Just because you didn't like waiting or couldn't use the CLI does not make the Workbench inferior to GEM. It was better in every other way.
Agree but don't forget that WB was supposed to be a GUI OS not just a command line one. As I said, I had no problem with my HD, but most of my friends with bogstandard A500s had.

It seems that some people want to argue all time.
Guess again: selective use of text... "BUT TOS delivered its purpose more efficient and effectively than WB1.3."

You misunderstood my point there. I agree that Commodore's R&D should/could have been much better, but you suggested that in the industry in general, technology and R&D were moving forward at a fast pace, which is untrue. It took more than 10 years for the industry to catch up to the Amiga, and the reason it did (games-wise) was because a 33MHz 486 with a chunky display was much faster than a base Amiga with bitplanes, giving rise to, as you say, much better 3D.
Erm you forgot something there. Game consoles!!!!

You're right. Computers are just tools, and if they do the job for you, then fine. But you can't come in here and say the ST is better than the Amiga and not expect a come-back from it.
It was actually a discussion based on an article regarding the Tramiels. Antiriad cam and started the Amiga Vs Atari war. The ST was not useless as most Amiga users think. It was just another 16bit home computer...

You do, otherwise you wouldn't have brought it up in the first place.
By having both computers and by being a developer to both, all I can say is that comments like the above belong people who never came across both computers.

It didn't help the fight against PCs or Macs at all, but those musicians certainly liked to pay through the nose for them (even though by using the mono out on the Amiga and turning the contrast down on your TV, you could get almost the same display ) And the A3000 (best Amiga they ever built) had a built-in filcker-fixer so you could use any PC monitor - a long time before AGA.
Well it helped the development of excellent software for ST. Now, how many chose this instead of the PC/MAC it comes to the preference of each one. As for the comment about contrast, sorry but it is runty. I could see people doing this (including my self) and I laughed! As for the A3000, the cost of that beast made this computer to fail.

But you are the one who showed up to say that the ST was better! Eh?
No it was somebody else who commented on the Tramiels' article. I came here to say whatever I have to say with arguments and after being a user of both computers.

This'll probably go on forever. I chose the Amiga route and was very happy with it. If you chose the ST route and you were happy with it too, then fine.
Wrong again. I chose the ST/Amiga route and I have a more complete view from somebody who only chose one!
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