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Originally Posted by DanScott View Post
No but something along the lines of Truxton / Truxton 2... possibly the best coin-op shoot-em-ups ever made.. before the "bullet hell" craziness crept in...
Good, no need to modify my todo list then.
I am looking forward to playing your games!

Originally Posted by eXeler0 View Post
From a technical Point of view In sure a lot of stuff can be improved or tweaked further... but practically speaking - these were commercial projects and some really skilled people put a lot of man-hours into those projects.
Yes, and that is their downfall. Intense schedules and pressure reduce creativity and problem solving capabilities. Even though they were experts they were working in much less than ideal conditions which means they missed a lot of opportunities. Alas the video game industry is still operating under this counter productive model these days...

Kittens with experience, less pressure, time to think and smell the roses will come out with better ideas than the pros have been capable of and in less time.
That is just human nature. (Read "Drive" from Dan Pink (Wikipedia) for the detailed scientific explanation of how and why.)

Originally Posted by vulture View Post
I just checked truxton 2 on mame, well, I see nothing that an A1200 can't do (imho of course) or, for that matter, nothing an A500 couldn't do with a lower colour count for the foreground gfx (I suppose copper can do some magic for the backgrounds).
There are sometimes a lot of things moving on screen with Truxton (1 & 2) and that could make it hard for a 1200 to keep up. Remember that the machine is not capable of refreshing a full 8 bitplanes screen in real time.
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