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Originally Posted by cmsj View Post
@schuimpy please please please can we have a partial-cut hole above PCMCIA for external CF adapters? The Vampire project have started announcing details about their A1200 accelerator, and the kipper2k External CF board pairs perfectly with Vampires (I have both in my A600).
It seems to me that there are two 'camps' here, one is the Vampire-people, the other is IComp and this project is part of the IComp camp, so they don't care about the Vampire. Besides, I'm not sure why you would need external access to the IDE CF adapter as you can just use the PCMCIA port for that. You have the Vampire SD slot to use for boot drives which should be much faster. But it would be nice to have external access to these SD cards, but I think this design is locked now. They can't keep changing it and I think that once the campaign is kicked off, they should lock the design.
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