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@schuimpy please please please can we have a partial-cut hole above PCMCIA for external CF adapters? The Vampire project have started announcing details about their A1200 accelerator, and the kipper2k External CF board pairs perfectly with Vampires (I have both in my A600). I expect a good number of people who want to get a Vampire for their 1200, will also be looking out for a new case too, and the external CF board is such a good feature compared to opening the whole machine up to swap disks!

Edit: It might also be worth considering that the Vampire 1200 is expected to have two microSD slots, so having some partial-cut holes for exposing those, somewhere near the A1200's expansion bay, would probably be a good idea too!

Second edit: They're also planning to put a SATA port on, which would be perfect for an internally mounted slim CD/DVD drive. If there's any way that could be an option on the left side 3.5" bay, that would be even more awesome
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