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How do I run this game?

F-suae says:

If you have an .lha archive with Amiga software, you’ll have two choices when you want to extract it:

Extract the .lha archive to the directory hard drive from the host system.
Copy the .lha archive to the directory hard drive, start FS-UAE and extract the archive with the “lha” program (or similar) inside the Amiga.
In many cases, both approaches will work well, but there are some cases where you should extract the archive from inside the emulated Amiga:

If the archive contains Amiga file names which are illegal on the host file system, you’ll not be able to extract the archive correctly on the host system.
The archive can contain file metadata (date/time, file permissions, comment), and if you extract the archive on the host system, information will be lost (the files will get the default file permissions ----rwed).
So whether you can extract an archive without (significant) loss of information on the host system depends on the archive. To be sure, you can always extract archives from inside the Amiga.

Do i need an extractor program? It's not very clear to me from the above text?
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