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Originally Posted by ReadOnlyCat View Post
I am kinda becoming the king of back to back posting here but let me say that the potential of the OCS/ECS chipset had not been maxed yet, not even by the admittedly technically great games mentioned by Adrian.

Lotus II, as good as it is, has ample room to improve, something as crucial as its road drawing routine can be enormously sped up for example and I have not looked at the rest of the code yet but I am sure there are plenty of enhancement avenues.

Do not forget that these kittens were under heavy schedule pressure, that necessarily leads to shortcuts and omissions. You ain't seen nothing yet.
From a technical Point of view In sure a lot of stuff can be improved or tweaked further... but practically speaking - these were commercial projects and some really skilled people put a lot of man-hours into those projects.
To get a talented group to make something similar today will require something truly friggin special. :-)

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