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Frenetic is an excellent vertical shmup on Amiga...... Core Design anyone lol ?
Indeed, Frenetic is pretty good. Although maybe not the best vertical Amiga shmup there is, and frame rate and scrolling aren't so smooth as in games like Battle Squadron or Hybris, but still a good game.

The demo version of Frenetic was one of the first games I saw for the Amiga, and I was amazed by the furious action, big graphics and the action filled music.

The coverdisk demo that I had came with this Zero magazine:

It's a quite interesting demo: it has a different title screen than what the actual full game had, and you're dropped straight into action to the second level (which has the brown alien graphics), with infinite lives, lots of enemies, a pumping soundtrack with threatening breathing sounds in the background and constant action. A good example of how to make a good demo of a shmup game, I was totally impressed by what I saw back then as a kid.

And on the actual topic of new Amiga games, I of course voted for A500...this is the Amiga that I had back then, I say: more games to it, and if you meet the limits, just push them more. Streets of Rage, Raiden, Darius Gaiden, surely all 100% possible on a stock A500.
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