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Originally posted by Antiriad
The Amiga's dominance of the gaming industry was actually what kept it going and what effectively killed of the ST. Its nothing to be ashamed of.
You are not serious up there are you? In my opinion, Amiga died at a period where excellent serious software was coming out but no games at all. You admit that games and Amiga are interrelated notions but you forgot that Amiga died with the rise of the VGA PCs. Basically most PC gurus remember Amiga as a gaming machine. I once brought my A4k in the office where people didn't know Amiga had Workbench. They just wondered why the hell this computer died. My answer was "Because jerks like you never bothered to go to the shops and try one". Needless to say that they almost killed me, but that was the truth! FFS!!! For me, Amiga didn't live long enough because of the gaming industry, but because of the hardcore fans who insisted of using Amigas regarding the problems they were facing... How the hell can you explain releases like Payback, QII, Hell Squad etc after 2000? This is just mad!
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