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Originally posted by Unknown_K
What do you do with the SGI systems? I guess with osx and sgi your a unix lover?

Whats a good older version of SGI hardware for somebody just interested in collecting?
UNIX is awesome. I use them to write code mainly, but also as a web server to fool with from time to time. The dev tools on SGI are as nice to use. Probably the only friendly UNIX system out there after Mac OS X.
If you are interested, you can get just about anything these days.
Actually a basic Octane system with an 195Mhz R10000/256MB/HD/Vid/Keyboard/Mouse can be had for a little as $200 US. Digtial and analog audio in and out as well as SCSI and ethernet are all standard on these
After the Octane the O2 would be a nice choice and many can be had for about the same price with diffrent processors which fluctuate the price a bit, about $200 to $1500 US depending on processor. Expansion prices are decent.
Most people starting out go for the Indigo 2. Loaded with all kinds of ports on the back, Ethernet, ISDN, SCSI, audio and video.
You can get one of these with simiar specs as a above for under $100 US. And they look pretty too! It's vertical here in stands, but it's really a desktop case.
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