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Originally Posted by B14ck W01f View Post
If you can, get a A500 with KS1.2 built in. It can run many games that KS1.3 can't. But many of the A500's sold on eBay already have 1.3 built-in. The downside of 1.2 is that you cannot use external hard drives like A590 or GVP.
You can use them on a 1.2, they just wont autoboot, which was fixed in V1.3.

The problem with 1.3 was that it did not support Fastfilesystem as it was not in ROM, but on one of the disks, and had to be present for FFS to be recognised. If you had a FFS formatted HDD, the system wouldn't boot unless it was present in L:, but you could put FFS in to the RDB of the HDD using HDToolbox. This was fixed in Kickstart 2.0, when Fastfilesystem was moved in to ROM.

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