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Some more gameplay consulting! (I'm addicted to the demo can't put it down haha!):
- Enemies coming from behind have never been a good idea in shmups, especially if you don't have a weapon that shoots back. For a game reference that pulls the "enemies coming from behind" scheme pretty OK, look at the Thunderforce series.
- Those homing bullets are mean!
- Feels like it takes way too many shots to kill anything, I couldn't deal with those "snakes". I would favor attack waves more frequent//with more enemies than making the current ones so resilient.
- Given that it takes so long to kill anyone, I am mostly at the back of the screen and don't move much. You gotta incite movement for the player with the attack waves. Being so much in the back also makes it worse when enemies come from behind.

Non-gameplay advice:
The music gets lost under the shooting, perhaps because the chiptune instrument style of the tune is too similar to the sound effects of the main gun. It's a shame because it sounds like a pretty decent tune.

Anyway really glad you're making this game, looking forward and perhaps when I stop being hardly employed, I can contribute to your campaign.
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