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I tried to run the demo on my expanded 030 A1200 config in WinUAE and it crashed, it's stuck on a grey screen with HALT3 displaying on status. It ran after I reet and tried again. Same happened when I switched to a 020 with no FPU config.

I couldn't play much, there is graphic corruption and the "ship" crashed when it hit the corrupted graphics!

[edit] SCRATCH THAT, this is why I shouldn't use WinUAE to test. The game works fine when "cycle exact" is selected.

Really love the look of the sprites though, and the abstract style. Good job.
Something I would change: the ship doesn't reach the far borders of the screen? That's kinda really weird. The enemies can, so sometimes you're shooting at nothing because you can't reach the attack wave as it approaches.

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