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Originally posted by Twistin'Ghost
Damn, Oscar - that IS tidy! Lovely wood floors, too!

This is a bit off-topic, but your post reminded me and I must ask: can someone please give me some kind of translation table for mega-pixels? Every time someone starts hyping their digital cam, they lose me on mega-pixels, since I only speak inches and pixels (well, I also speak Picas at work, but I needed a chart for that for years!)
What do you mean the equivalent resolution in pixels?
Well I have the Sony DSC-P92. According to the manual.

5.0 2592x1944
4.5 2592 (3:2) * records images in 3:2 format
3.1 2048x1536
1.2 1280x960
VGA 640x480

The difference between 2592x1944 originals compared to the resized pics I posted here are like night and day.

note:* The floors actually look better in the pics.
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