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I LOVE IT! That's what I was hoping for. Not only did you cover every detail that I would have, but you went way beyond my scope. I've never mucked around with MIDI, so it all looks the same to me. I have heard megabytes of praise for B&P Pro, but by not using it proper, I never could fairly evaluate it. Likewise with modern PC audio software, I use Cool Edit Pro rather than Cakewalk, etc. because it's more akin to what I am familiar with in a real recording studio environment.

And I never considered the 68000's clock speed having to be divisible by the blitter! It seems you know your Amiga as well as you know your music (I really like what I have heard from your band, especially "These Days" and "From Within", but I suspect the full version of "A Notion" is prime stuff, as well!)

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