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No Escape was indeed the Ray Liotta one. It was just for the MegaCD. The game was pretty impressive for the time. There was a massive big rendered 3D island landscape which streamed in off CD in real-time as you wandered around it (the screen scrolled). The island data had height information stored in it too. It was like an RPG thing. Unfortunately, by the time it was supposed to be released, it had loads of bugs in. The bug-fixing took another three months, by which time the film had been and gone and the Mega-CD had dropped out of the market.

There's probably a CD lurking in the loft in the Psygnosis building somewhere. The loft is full of old crap.

Planetside was just a render because we could. But what would the game have been? I'm sure it would have been rubbish if it had ever got made. It was just artists playing around with rendering ideas really. I've probably got some of the cockpit graphics and stuff for it in the boxes of disks in the loft. I'll have look next time.
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