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Nice to see the campaign launched. I will pledge for at least one case, but I noticed you mention the possibility of launching additional campaigns for keyboards and caps.

Now.. Lets assume we all see the big elephant in the room here..

Its no secret Philippe has exactly the same plans after his Amiga case kickstarter.
While I totally get the usefulness of a modified Amiga case, the keyboards would be exactly the same, wouldn't they? (an the key caps obviously). So IMO it would simply be silly to have two ppl each trying their own campaigns to do the exact same thing. Surely you realize you would both lose on splitting the potential buyer numbers in half. Maybe you should at least consider talking about it with "the other guy"?
From the user point of view the objective itself is more important than who does it, so I'll venture a guess that such a project would benefit from co-operation.
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