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Re: A question

Originally posted by Galahad/FLT
for FromWithin:

What the HELL posessed Psygnosis to release the spawn of satans pants that was Dracula and The Last Action Hero?
That was when Sony bought us, tried to merge us with Sony Imagesoft (check out the Sony Imagesoft logos on some of the banners in the original Wipeout) and got us doing loads of film licences, mostly for the MegaCD. For some reason, the MegaCD was *the* big thing because it had a CD drive. It may well have been just to see how we would cope with doing games on CD, to be ready for the Playstation (after all, we were developing CD games years before most people with Microcosm on the FM Towns), but that's just pure speculation on my part. It was insane, but we did get to see previews of some of the films . The Amiga conversions were just off-shoots from the MegaCD ones because we had the licence, usually done by a third-party. We did games of Dracula, Frankenstein, Last Action Hero, No Escape (unreleased), and Cliffhanger (although there was no MegaCD version of that).
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