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Originally Posted by Jeff_HxC2001 View Post
I would say I can't believe it either..
But this is the internet... ;-)

I think it's silly.. You have 2 buttons. You can have situations that aren't uncommon that you need to swap forward and backwards for multi-disk games... You probably want multiple directions..

Yes, it is also nice to be able to skip by small (1) or larger increments, but that can be handled by speeding up based on how long you hold the button down....

So in my mind, its obvious which is the best solution..
But then again, the world doesn't always agree with me.. I know.. I know.. It's sad but true..

I appreciate the work you do. And if I ever decide to steal my wife's Windows machine, I might move to your firmware.. Even with the lack of a step back button..

I suppose I could live with that.. ;-)

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