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Originally Posted by Jeff_HxC2001 View Post
The true original gotek firmware use the +1/+10/+100 scheme, and this is what some users asked me. This is why this come into the conversation.
Some users want a +1/+10/+100 scheme instead of a back and forth option?! Amiga users?? Really??? Well, I'll tell you right now that it makes absolutely no sense at all for an Amiga user to want such a thing because many games require the player to change between all disks several times.

I will let you know right now that if you implement this scheme, without the option to go back to previous slots using the Gotek's buttons, I will stop updating my HxC Gotek because it will be a huge step back. The selector/firmware is quite good as it stands, with only minor adjustments required, so the implementation of that scheme defeats its qualities.

Is it because of the cycling speed spoken before? you can have both. If the Cortex firmware does it, surely there's a way for you to do it as well. In the Cortex firmware (sometimes I have the sense that you haven't tried a Cortex Gotek before) you can go back and forth at will using the two buttons (simple clicks), pressing and keeping a button pressed will make it go forth or backwards (depending on the button that is pressed) with increasing speed and pressing both buttons at the same times resets to slot 000. This is a very useful and practical way of operating the Gotek, given the physical limitations of the hardware.

I hope you can take this into consideration before you do any new updates to your fine HxC firmware or file selector.

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