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Originally Posted by idrougge View Post
Originally Posted by Jeff_HxC2001
No. I will follow the gotek function : One button for +1, the other for +10
Please reconsider. What if you have a game where you swap back and forth between disk 1 and 2?
Sounds like there is some confusion..
I think Jeff thinks that the Gotek doesn't go forward and backward with the 2 buttons.
It does, and this is a feature I use a lot.
Most of the times I'm using it, I flip among a small batch of images.
Either back and forth for multi-disk games (which is pretty common for Amiga games ;-), or back and forth in genres...
(i.e. I have a bunch of different kickstarts and WB images in my first batch (genre) and I will frequently just be going back and forth in those while testing things..)

I block my images on my Gotek by genre.
1-10 is Kickstarts/WB/data (xfer) disks
11-20 is classic Amiga games
21-30 is shooters, etc
(I change them around from time to time for some reason I'm not sure of myself.. ;-)

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