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I have a Gotek with Cortex firmware that I plan to upgrade to HxC, however I cannot get the STM software to connect. I wanted to try reflashing the Cortex firmware so I know it works before I get the HxC license. I have tried two different TTL serial adapters on two different PCs and it seems that there is some communication, however it says unrecognized device. It does this the first time after a reset and after this it just times out until I reset the Gotek again. I have tried countless times, with/without resetting the Gotek. I am using W10 x64, so any idea whether trying with an older PC (maybe XP) should have better success?

I have tried with the default 115200 but also other speeds, down to 19200.

Both TTL adapters work fine by doing a loopback test in a terminal program.
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