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Sorry this just what some HxC firmware used :

Hi, first thanks for this Gotek firmware. It's working really well and great support when I was having trouble flashing the boot loader. My fault, I didn't realise there was a difference between a RS232 serial adapter and a TTL serial adapter. It turns out you *must* have a TTL adapter.

The firmware is working well in index mode for me but it takes a very long time to cycle through the images. Could the next firmware work slightly differently please?

If it had the option to use the buttons to change the image same as the gotek firmware, right to change 1s, left to change 10s, both together to change 100s it would be much easier to use.

Thank you.

And about your speed, how much do you want ? 25/50/100 images per second ? And which speed timeout do you want 1s,5s, more ?

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