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Originally Posted by Jeff_HxC2001 View Post
No. I will follow the gotek function : One button for +1, the other for +10
So no button to go backwards? Naahhh... The Cortex implementation is superior to this. Also +10 per button press is not suited for even 250 assigned slots. With Cortex firmware when you hold the button it will count very fast after holding the button for a short while. And you use the other button to do the same backwards.

Your way to track 250: Click +10... next click track 20 .. click track 30.. click .. track 40 and so on.. 25 clicks you would need. And if you had 999 slots.. about 100 button clicks. with a backwards button you could at least go from track 000 directly to 999.

Cortex: Hold forward button and in a few seconds you will be at 250. Or even easier, click backwards button if you are at a low number and go straight to the last assigned slot. It will also skip/jump past unassigned slots. Anyway, Cortex has 999 slots as we know. I was just making an example.

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